Write and Seal Labels

Write and seal labels (also known as flap labels or self-laminating labels) are perfect for situations when you need to hand write information onto a label before applying, but with the added bonus of a built-in clear laminate patch. This patch can be sealed over the top for complete protection from spillages and scuffing.

In essence, the label is partially laminated with the remainder of the laminate yet to have its backing paper removed. Once information has been written, the backing paper is removed and the laminate adheres to the label, providing a tough permanent seal.

The only restriction is that these labels are unsuitable for use with printers such as a laser or thermal transfer. In this instance we recommend the purchase of labels with laminate patches supplied on a separate sheet or roll. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Examples of Uses and Applications

  • These labels are ideal for any items likely to be cleaned, such as:
    • Appliances
    • Computer equipment
    • Heavy industrial machinery
  • Perfect for portable appliance testing, test dates can be written and protected until the equipment is due for retesting.

Product Options

  • Usually supplied in roll form
  • Fully customisable with pre-printed text, logos and serial numbering.
  • Custom sizing to your requirements
  • Can be supplied in material suitable for outdoor use, which will protect print and handwritten information from the elements.

Writing the information on the label
(1) Write Information

Removing Protective Backing
(2) Peel Away Backing

The finished label
(3) The finished Label

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