Nametape Systems for
Customised Nametape Resellers

We supply a complete, working nametape printing system which can enable you to provide customers with iron-on and self-adhesive labels suitable for most situations where there is a requirement for the marking of clothing, fabrics and possessions.

The labels are proven to work in a range of environments and are widely regarded as the best in their field. You too can become a supplier of nametape products by purchasing one of our thermal transfer printers, labels and ink ribbons. This will effectively enable you to begin a long and profitable business generating customised nametapes for immediate resale to both industry and the general public.

Contact us for advice on the right system for you or request samples of any of our nametape labels.

Thermal Transfer Nametape Printers

This is the heart of nametape production, a small desktop thermal transfer printer which can be controlled via software on your PC or as a standalone unit using a miniature keyboard display unit.

Using the software enables you to create your own designs, using your chosen font styles and images. Once you have done this, the templates can be saved then recalled again and again when required.

If it is impractical to use in conjunction with a PC, for example at a point of sale, we can supply the printer pre-installed with simple designs which are accessed by the keyboard display unit. This also allows a straight-from-the-box solution which can be used to generate nametapes straightaway, without having to install software or create templates.

Iron-on Labels

A clever concept in the nametape market, we supply the blank nametapes in reels which will work with our printing system, as well as many other thermal transfer printer models.

When peeled from their backing paper, our iron-on nametapes feel dry on the back, but once ironed on, the adhesive is activated which provides a secure bond to nearly all close-weave fabrics.

Our standard nametapes measure 46mm x 12mm which will comfortably accommodate up to two lines of text, each line containing a maximum of 21 characters.

The material is regarded by many to be superior to other iron-on nametapes available on the market, and in many cases, has been know to remain attached for the lifetime of the garment.

Typical market areas include

  • School uniforms
  • Care homes
  • Hospitals
  • Workwear

Peel and Stick Name Labels

These labels are ideal for identifying personal items including:

  • Stationery
  • Gym equipment
  • Books
  • Musical instruments

They have the same fabric finish as the iron-on labels which not only allows clear, bold printing, but also has the flexibility to form around curved surfaces without unfurling.

Like the iron-on nametapes, they are supplied as rolls of die-cut labels measuring 46mm x 12mm.

Peel and Stick Feet Labels

Particularly popular with children, these labels are specially designed for use in footwear and are supplied as left/right foot sets which can be overprinted with names containing 15 characters using our thermal transfer printer. They are normally used in conjunction with clear overlays which prevent distortion of the printed names.

Laminate Patches for Peel and Stick Feet

Names printed onto Peel and Stick Feet labels can be affected by continual wear and abrasion, but these simple clear overlays can be used to cover them and offer complete protection without detracting from the appearance of the labels.

Wash Resistant Ink Ribbons

To ensure clear, bold print that is resistant to repeated laundry washes, it is vital that a good quality thermal transfer ribbon is used. We can supply these for our standard nametape printer in black, red, blue and green. Ribbons for other printer models are available on request.

Iron On Labels Show Insitu
Iron-On Nametapes

Peel & Stick Nametapes on a roll
Peel & Stick Nametapes

Peel & Stick Feet
Peel & Stick Feet

Peel & Stick Feet Shown in Shoe
Shoe labels - Peel and Stick Feet

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