Security Labels

Tamper-evident labels (also known as destructible labels) are an important means of stopping fraudulent activity.

Barcoded and Serial Numbered Security Labels

A unique serial number or barcode can be printed onto a special destructible labelstock which will fragment into tiny pieces if removal is attempted. By doing this, it prevents the label being transferred onto another product.

Warranty Seals

With careful label positioning over a seal or screw-hole, it is possible to use the label as a means of testing the invalidation of a warranty. It provides evidence of opening by unauthorised persons.

Voiding Label

An alternative security label is the voiding label which, if removed, will result in the word 'VOID' appearing on both the label and product, thereby rendering the label unusable and providing indication of product tampering. There are also different wording variations and patterns available.

Available as Blank Security Labels for On-Demand Printing

As with most of our labels, security labels, warranty seals and voiding labels are also available in blank format (supplied in reels) ready for use on thermal transfer printers, which enables you to control on-demand printing of customised information. We also supply label printers suitable for this use.

Examples of Uses and Applications

  • Product Seals
  • Security Seals
  • Asset Protection
  • Document Seals
  • CD and DVD Sealing
  • Safety Equipment Labelling
  • Genuine Product Seals
  • PC Hardware and Software Components

Product Options

  • Almost limitless range of sizes available
  • Can be preprinted with text, logos, barcodes and serial numbers
  • Fully customisable for a unique, branded look
  • Available blank or preprinted
  • Usually supplied in reels

Tamper Evident Label
Tamper Evident Security Label


Label peeled back to show VOID text
Voiding Security Label


Attempting to remove a waranty seal results in breakdown of label stock so that it is tamper evident
Warranty Seal

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