QL Series Zebra Mobile Label Printers

Zebra Printers LogoMobile printing for businesses on the go.

Rugged mobile printers to meet your changing
business needs. QL series mobile printers enabled with secure wireless
options are easily integrated into your infrastructure.

The Wireless QuickLink Connection

Choose the QuickLink connectivity module that suits your needs:

  • 802.11b—the latest and greatest WLAN connectivity
  • Bluetooth—low-power consumption short-range connectivity
  • Cable-ready—connect to a wider variety of terminals than any other mobile printer
  • Support for advanced wireless security standards such as VPN
    and WPA

Rugged, Lightweight Printer

  • Rubber-infused plastic over-mold design for tough conditions
  • Damage-resistant to multiple drops of up to 5 feet
  • Weight of 2 pounds or less for effortless mobility

Load and Go!

  • Center-locking media loading
  • Engage the easy-to-use peel and present function with the flip of a bar

Applications of the QL Series


  • Forklift-Mounted Printing
    With the QL 420’s mobile mount option,
    forklift operators can print product
    identification, bin, and shipping labels at the
    point of application—without needing to run
    back to the shipping office to pick up labels.


  • Specimen Labels
    Healthcare facilities can print specimen labels
    at the point of collection, and also print a bar
    coded label for the patient’s chart, reducing
    the risk for dangerous misinformation.
  • Retail Pharmacy Labels
    Retail pharmacies can scan the prescribed
    medicine and print bar coded labels with
    patient information when using the QL
    anywhere in the pharmacy, minimizing the
    risk for wrongly filled prescriptions.


  • Price Marking
    By printing and applying markdown labels at
    the location of the product via wireless LAN,
    retailers can respond to sensitive market
    changes more frequently.
  • Shelf Labeling
    Use a QL to print one or multiple shelf labels
    at the point of application as required—avoiding
    waste and improving efficiency.

Shipping and Receiving

  • Receiving Verification/Inventory Updates
    Apply QL-printed bar code labels as deliveries
    are received to record product arrival, and
    scan these labels throughout the process for
    tracking purposes.


  • Pallet Labeling
    When breaking into a pallet to remove a
    partial order, employees can label the partial,
    and re-label the pallet in real-time to maintain
    inventory accuracy.

QL220 Plus

Take 2-inch label, ticket, and receipt printing where stationary and larger mobile printers dare not go—whether it’s down store aisles, on hospital rounds, or onto retail pharmacy counters. Strap or clip on the sleek, 1.04-pound QL 220 network-addressable label/receipt mobile printer and move with ease!

For complex mobile printing applications requiring advanced wireless connectivity support, complex graphics or fonts, or ZPL® and EPL™ commands, Zebra has designed a product line enhancement to the QL series, the QL Plus series. By ordering the "Plus" version of a QL 220 you'll get added features and benefits designed around users with mobile printing applications.


More Information

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