Cable Labels

For the easy identification of cables and wires, use cable labels (also known as cable wraps or cable markers), which are available in customised sizes, colours and with variable data.

The cable label proves to be a suitable alternative to 'flag markers' which can tear or degrade, or when something more discreet is required.

Examples of Uses and Applications

  • Computer Cabling:
    • Ideal for identifying where cables lead to and their function.
    • Colour coding can also be used to distinguish different cable types or applications.
  • Manufacturing:
    • Excellent for use in circuitry to identify wiring, terminals or electrical ratings.
    • This type of label can be used in instances where there is limited space for information on an appliance.

Product Options

  • Size options
    • Available for nearly all cable sizes (simply specify the diameter of the cabling you wish to mark, and we can evaluate the necessary size to accommodate the information you wish to have printed).
    • For large amounts of information, including wiring diagrams, you may wish to opt for a label which folds over the cable so that the adhesive meets up to produce a ‘flag’ style marker.
  • Printing options
    • Available plain or printed in a variety of text or background colours.
    • Blank labels are suitable for hand-writing or, overprinting by using a thermal transfer printer.
    • Printing can incorporate company logos and bar codes.
  • Formats
    • Roll format for use with thermal transfer printers
    • With sprocket holed backing for overprinting with dot-matrix machines
    • In sheet form for use with laser printers

Close up of cable labels on sheet as supplied
Cable Labels Supplied on a sheet

Cable Label shown in use on cable
Pre-Printed Cable Label

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